Psychology & Law Double Major

Psychology & Law Double Major

The double major (Bachelor of Arts) in Psychology and Law is designed for students to gain a deep understanding of the growing number of issues that involve both fields. A background in both can increase students’ understanding of issues such as psychopathology, family violence, child abuse, trauma and stress and how these manifest in, for example, family, juvenile, criminal and mental health law. Students planning careers in probation, law enforcement, community mental health service delivery, human resources will be greatly enriched by this double major, Bachelor of Arts program. It will also provide a firm foundation for those students planning to go on to graduate school in psychology or to law school.

Students must complete all requirements of each major. The following is a list of courses that can be shared between the majors as electives. Students may take at least 1 LAW, 1 POL, and 1 PSY course from the course list below to count toward both majors. A total of 9 units may count across both majors. Scroll down to see a complete index of course descriptions.

Law Courses

  • LAW 406 - Visual Storytelling and the Law
  • LAW 436 - Risk Management/Insurance Law
  • LAW 440 - Introduction to Human Rights Law
  • LAW 452 - Health Law
  • LAW 456 - Family Law
  • LAW 458 - Introduction to Criminal Law
  • LAW 472 - Criminal Procedure: Investigation and Arrest
  • LAW 469 - Native American Family and Domestic Relations Law

Political Science Courses

  • POL 309 - Judicial Process
  • POL 325 - Foundations of Political Psychology
  • POL 404 - Experimental Political Science
  • POL 409 - Causes and Consequences of Public Opinion
  • POL 435 - Elections and Voting Behavior
  • POL 469 - Law and Social Change

Psychology Courses

  • PSY 368 - Psychology of Terrorism
  • PSY 377 - A Psychology and Law
  • PSY 378 - Psychology, Law and Juvenile Justice
  • PSY 379 - Psychology of Divorce
  • PSY 380 - Child Abuse and Neglect
  • PSY 381 - Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 480 - Forensic Psychology
  • PSY 486 - A Ethical and Legal Dilemmas