Psychological Science and Neuroscience, & Cognitive Science Double Major

Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science and Neuroscience, & Cognitive Science Double Major

The double Major in Psychological Science and Neuroscience Cognitive Science (NSCS) has been created with the large number of undergraduate students in mind who seek to explore careers in research, medicine, neuropsychology, geriatrics, biotechnology, and a host of other health-related, government, policy, law, education, and human services fields. This double major will provide students with a unique opportunity to learn about the mysteries of the mind from multiple levels of analysis - from the level of the neuron all the way up to complex group behavior.  Given the links between the Psychological Science major and the NSCS major, particularly encapsulated within the field of cognitive neuroscience, students often already find themselves taking courses underneath the umbrella of each major separately.  We’ve now created a double major path that has taken in account similarities in study areas so that the each student can forge an efficient path through the two curricula. Students interested in this double major will work with advising in both Psychology and NSCS to navigate the Bachelor of Science degree requirements.  It should be noted that only electives from the NSCS Cognition, Neurobiology and Development & Aging emphases can be shared with the Psychological Science major.  Please reach out to either Psychology or NSCS Advising for details.

18-19 NSCS-PSYS curriculum guide