Quentin Raffaelli

Quentin Raffaelli

Graduate Student, Cognition & Neural Systems
Neuroscience of Emotion & Thought (NET) Lab
Faculty Advisor: Jessica Andrews-Hanna

Selected Publications: 

  • Raffaelli, Q., Wilcox, R., & Andrews-Hanna, J.R. (2020). The neuroscience of imaginative thought: An integrative framework. In A. Abraham (Ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of the Imagination. Cambridge University Press.
  • Mills, C., Raffaelli, Q., Irving, Z. C., Stan, D., & Christoff, K. (2017). Is an off-task mind a freely-moving mind? Examining the relationship between different dimensions of thought. Consciousness and Cognition, 58, 20-33.
  • Raffaelli, Q., Mills, C., & Christoff, K. (2017). The knowns and unknowns of boredom: A review of the literature. Experimental Brain Research, 1-12.

Dissertation Title:

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Unprompted Thinking

Courses Taught: 

  • PSY 313 - Drugs, Brain, & Behavior (2021)
  • PSY 358 - Psychology of Consciousness (2020)
  • PSY 364 - Human Sexuality (2018)
  • PSY 413 - Drugs, Brain, & Behavior (2022)

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  • B.A., University of British Columbia in Vancouver
  • M.A.