Alexa Chandler

Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology Faculty Advisor: David Sbarra & Melissa Curran

Alexa Chandler

Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology Faculty Advisor: David Sbarra & Melissa Curran

Research Interests:

I have a passion for working with couples and families as well as a dedication to meeting the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds. This passion and dedication characterize both my research and clinical interests. In both areas, I am interested in identifying the various ways in which dysfunction can exist within family relationships and developing/refining interventions to improve those family dynamics. My master’s project examined longitudinal covariates of psychological aggression among heterosexual married couples.

Selected Publications: 

  • Lawrence, A. V., Alkozei, A., Irgens, M. S., Acevedo-Molina, M. C., Brener, S. A., Chandler, A. B., …  O’Connor, M. F. (in press). Think Again: Adaptive Repetitive Thought as a Transdiagnostic Treatment for Individuals Predisposed to Repetitive Thinking Styles. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration.
  • Chandler, A. B. & Lawrence, E. (under review). Covariations among Attachment, Attributions, Self-Esteem and Psychological Aggression in Early Marriage.
  • Curran, M.A., Li, X., Barnett, M., Kopystynska, O., Chandler, A. B., & LeBaron, A. (under review). Finances, depressive symptoms, destructive conflict, and coparenting among lower-income, unmarried couples: A two-wave, cross-lagged analysis.

Recent Conference Presentations:

  • Chandler, A. B., & Lawrence, E. (2020, June – 2020, September). Identification of relationship functioning domains that predict intimate partner aggression among Mexican American couples. Association for Psychological Science (APS) Poster Showcase.
  • Pan, Y., Manvelian, A., Chandler, A. B., & Lawrence, E. (2020, May). Validation of a semi-structured interview of relationship quality in Mexican American couples: The Relationship Quality Interview (RQI). Association for Psychological Science (APS) Annual Convention, Chicago, IL. (Conference cancelled).
  • Chandler, A. B. & Lawrence, E. (2019, November). Relationship functioning, satisfaction, and violence among Mexican American couples. Presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Chandler, A. B., Manvelian, A., & Lawrence, E. (2019, June). Challenging assumptions: Are findings from White, Non-Hispanic couples applicable to Latinx/Hispanic couples? Presented at the International Association for Relationship Research (IARR) Conference, Ottawa, Canada.

Courses Taught: 

  • PSY 230 - Psychological Measurement and Statistics (2020) 
  • PSY 364 - Human Sexuality (2018)
  • PSY 381 - Abnormal Psychology (2021)

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  • B.S. Psychology, Yale University
  • M.A. Psychology, The University of Arizona
Ph.D. Students Clinical
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