The Psychology department has designed specific courses to assist our student populations at the freshman and junior/senior levels.

PSY 197A: offered to freshman only in the fall semester of every year. Mentors will assist the instructor in increasing students' awareness of campus resources and foster the development of appropriate skills to assist in the students' personal, academic, and professional development. In addition, this course will briefly introduce students to various fields within psychology and career opportunities. It combines class activities and discussions with out-of-class learning experiences.

PSY 197B: This course will introduce students to various fields within psychology and career opportunities. It also addresses student concerns about topics like study skills, learning styles, time management, and overall success in the Psychology major.  Combining in-class activities and discussions with out-of-class learning experiences, this course helps students develop the skills to be successful academically and professionally.

PSY 396C: The purpose of this course is to introduce undergraduate Psychology majors to the various career opportunities within the field of Psychology.  This course will primarily focus on preparation for graduate school and thus provide steps for the graduate school application process.  In addition, students will learn skills to assist them with a successful transition into a graduate program.


Classes that have a section of -801 this fall semester are for those students in a Study Abroad Program. Students not on study abroad cannot take them.



In the Course Schedule under  “Course Subject: PSY-Psychology Main” you will see that there are many Psychology courses offered but some may be crosslisted, meaning that they are owned and offered by other departments, not Psyc. These courses will still count towards your Psychology major but if you have questions about registering for them then you need to contact their direct office.
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