Department Newsletter | Undergraduate Student Spotlight

Tainysha Acevedo, Undergrad in Psychological Science 

I moved from Puerto Rico to Tucson in order to start my undergraduate career at the UA in 2011.  I was awarded the National Hispanic Tuition Scholarship by the UA.  At first I was undecided between studying theater or psychology.  During my first semester at the UA I noticed that the Introduction to Psychology course was the one I always looked forward to attend.  Therefore, I decided to pursue a BS in Psychology.  Along my career, the new Bachelor’s Degree for Psychological Sciences came along.  I decided to pursue this new degree seeing how it would provide me with a more intensive research experience.  When I switched degrees, I was somewhat hesitant of delving into research, but after taking the Advanced Methods in Psychological Research course I understood that research was nothing to be afraid of.  I’m currently a research assistant for the Human Memory Lab under the direction of Professor Matthew Grilli where we focus on the storage and retrieval of autobiographical memory.  After graduating this upcoming December I plan to pursue a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  My ultimate goal is to obtain a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology.