Department Newsletter | Alumni Spotlight

Calyssa Arnett, Psychology Alumna 

Prior to coming to the University of Arizona, I studied and obtained a degree in early childhood education. However, in the process of gaining that degree, I had taken multiple psychology courses, furthering my interest in the fascinating and unique way the brain works. The semester after I graduated, I began my online studies at the University of Arizona in Psychology before eventually moving to Tucson in March of 2016. 

While attending the University of Arizona, I have had to become more efficient with time management to balancing school, work, and extra-curricular activities. As a full-time student and a full-time teacher, I found myself needing an outlet. Through the U of A, I became involved in ultimate frisbee which has helped me gain a life-long support group of friends both on and off campus. I have also gained leadership roles which have provided opportunities for me to work with different groups of youth in Tucson as well as a role as the vice president of Tucson Ultimate Inc.  Accepting more responsibility with leadership positions and being able to bring balance into my life with my three core activities has proven to be a challenging experience. However, it has assisted me in growing as a student and member of the community. 

After graduating from the Psychology program, I intend to pursue a master’s program for counseling with a focus on mental health and mental illnesses. I would prefer to work in a hospital setting, where I feel I will be at my abilities will be the most useful. Even though I know this can be a challenging career, my experience at the U of A has given me the opportunity to pursue further education in order to reach my full potential in counseling.