Fall 2019 Newsletter

Fall 2019 Newsletter

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From the Department Head

It’s been a full year since our last newsletter, and a lot has happened in Psychology. We’ve welcomed two new faculty members – Daniel Taylor and Julie Feldman – while our long-time colleague and friend, Elizabeth Glisky, retired after 32 years in the department. In this newsletter, you can also read about the many outstanding contributions that our faculty, staff, and students have made to the field of psychology. I’m particularly proud of the crucial role Psychology has played over the past year in helping to build a welcoming and supportive workplace within the College of Science. Here’s
but a few of our activities:
  • Our Diversity Committee hosted panels that included people of every career stage – from grad students to seasoned full professors – to share and discuss their experiences as women and minorities in science.
  • Our faculty colleague, Jeff Stone, along with his postdoctoral fellow, Katie Wolsiefer, led workshops on ways to overcome unconscious bias that were held in over a dozen departments across the college.
  • The newly-formed College of Science Workplace Climate Committee, where I served as co-Chair, organized a series of events including guest speakers, workshops, and discussion sessions, all focused on ways to create a more positive workplace for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Those discussions resulted in a set of guidelines and best practices for building family-friendly workplaces, which was unanimously endorsed by every department in the College of Science.
In our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, the first “value” we listed was people – focusing on collaboration and collegiality, treating faculty, staff and students with respect, embracing diversity and diverse opinions, and inviting partnerships across the campus and in the community. In 2020, we’ll begin writing a new strategic plan to help guide us through the next five years. I’m confident that valuing people will remain at the core of that plan. We are ALL Wildcats!
Lee Ryan, Ph.D.

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