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Curriculum requirements vary for all Psychology majors; they are dependent upon each student's requirement term and whether they are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. Your requirement term is the year that you were admitted to the UA.

Psychology curriculum for 2012-2013 and later:

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

You can find information about the curriculum requirements for all majors by looking at the Academic Program Requirement Reports (APRR) on the general UA catalog web page.

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Future Students


To get advising and declare the Psychology minor, please stop by Room 312 during walk-in hours or you can simply have your primary major advisor declare it for you. You do not need an appointment to declare the Psychology minor.

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Options in Research & Teaching


Psychologists are individuals who have earned a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy degree) in Psychology. In order to be considered a professional, licensed Psychologist, you must complete a Ph.D. program in Clinical, Counseling or School Psychology and pass the national licensure exam for Psychologists. Licensed Psychologists are typically involved in direct client service (Psychotherapy), but many are employed by universities or colleges to conduct research and/or teach topics related to direct client service in their area of specialty.


Think you're ready to graduate? Here is what you should do: 

1) In UAccess you will see a notice indicating "Graduation: Apply to Graduate" through which you can read and complete the degree candidacy process. This will enter an estimated graduation date. Once complete, you may proceed to step 2.

2) Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor via WiseAdvising 1.2 and list your reason as "Senior Degree Check".

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