Clinical Program

Future Accreditation Plans

January 2017 

University of Arizona Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology 

A Note on Future Accreditation Plans 

“... the overarching goals of the accreditation of clinical psychology graduate programs should be to ensure that programs produce psychologists who (a) have the knowledge and skills necessary to reduce the burden of mental illness and improve public health and (b) act in ethical and compassionate ways that help and do not harm vulnerable and diverse populations” (Levenson, 2017, pg. 4). 

Training Model, Goals and Objectives

The University of Arizona's (UA) doctoral program in clinical psychology follows a clinical science model of training. Central to our definition of clinical science is the belief that clinical research and application are reciprocally related: The best clinical skills are grounded in empirical and theoretical knowledge, and clinical application continuously informs the evolution of clinical theory and research.

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