If you want to earn academic credit for an internship, you will be responsible for much of the legwork. As part of earning credit for an internship you will also be required to complete written assignments as defined by your sponsor.

To make the process as smooth as possible, take the following steps in order:

  1. Seek opportunities for student engagement otherwise known as hands on learning.There are many resources you can use to find engagement opportunities. Career Services and the Psychology Advising Center can provide information on local and national social service agencies that may offer internship opportunities. Often an organization will not have a formal internship program but will be willing to offer a structured volunteer position.
  2. Make contact with the organization and secure a position. Secure a position where hands-on learning can take place. Opportunities with structured training protocols and regular supervision are ideal.
  3. Prepare a proposal for your internship to submit to your potential sponsor. Be prepared to provide the potential sponsor with the following information about the internship:
  • Where is the internship and what is the mission of the agency?
  • What are your responsibilities in the internship setting? (Make sure it is more than stuffing envelopes.)
  • How many hours per week will you be working?
  • Who is your supervisor and how can the potential sponsor contact them for information? (email, phone)
  1. You might be asked to provide information about yourself, such as:
  • a statement of what you hope to learn from the internship. (What are your learning objectives?
  • a resume
  • an unofficial transcript or ARR.
  1. Request a sponsor for your internship opportunity and fill out the necessary paperwork (2 options)
  • Faculty Member Sponsorship - Prepare a concise and informative proposal to give to a Psychology faculty member to review. If they are able, the faculty member will review your proposal to determine if it the internship is appropriate to earn academic credit. Often it is wise to approach a faculty member who is studying a topic related to your internship. Sometimes just asking for sponsorship from a professor that knows you from a class is successful. If you are able to find a faculty member willing to sponsor you, you must complete an Independent Study Proposal Form before the University deadline to add units in order to receive credit. Work with your faculty sponsor to fill out the Independent Study Proposal Form and return it to the Psychology Department Office in Room 312 of the Psychology Building. You will be registered by the department.
  • Advisor Sponsorship - Another option for sponsorship is to go through the Psychology Department’s Advising Center. Your advisor can serve as co-sponsor for your internship. In order to do this you must complete and return the Internship Proposal Form to the Psychology Department Office in Room 312 of the Psychology Building. Please call (520) 621-7439 or stop by Room 312 in the Psychology Building for deadlines. Upon approval of this option, you will be registered in the internship by the Psychology Department. 

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