Industrial-Organizational Psychology

An I-O psychologist applies psychology to the work place, such as to personnel administration, management, and marketing, in order to improve productivity and quality of work life. May act as human resource specialist, helping organizations with staffing, training, and employee development and with strategic planning, quality management, and coping with organizational change. Interviews workers and observes work details to establish job requirements. Develops/conducts psychological tests to help with employee selection, placement, and promotion. Organizes and evaluates training programs. Counsels workers. Studies organizational structure, communication and motivational systems, group interactions, and recommends improvements for effectiveness of personnel, units, and organizations. Investigates physical environment problems, such as noise, temperature and ventilation. Studies nature of effective supervision and leadership. Analyzes factors affecting morale and motivation. May advise on personnel policies and labor-management relations. May be Personnel Psychologist, or work with selection, training and assignment of military personnel and be designated Military Personnel Psychologist, or may study consumer reaction to new products and measure effectiveness of advertising and be deemed Market-Research Analyst. Generally requires either a master's or a doctorate degree.