Think you're ready to graduate? Here is what you should do: 

1) In UAccess you will see a notice indicating "Graduation: Apply to Graduate" through which you can read and complete the degree candidacy process. This will enter an estimated graduation date. Once complete, you may proceed to step 2.

2) Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor via WiseAdvising 1.2 and list your reason as "Senior Degree Check".

There will be more to do to prepare for graduation but your Academic Advisor will go over that with you when you meet with her. Also, just a reminder that we don’t schedule degree check appointments during priority advising.


The official senior degree check process begins in your Student Center within UAccess. In the "To Do" box off to the right, you will see "Graduation: Apply to Graduate". This is the initial step in completing your degree check and will tell the University when you intend on completing all of your degree requirements. 

Then you will want to schedule an appointment with your Major advisor(s) to complete the Degree Audit Form and discuss any other steps you must take to complete the process.

If you are pursuing a double major, please follow the official senior degree check process for your primary major

If you are pursuing a dual degree, you must complete a separate official senior degree check process for each degree.

NOTE: A $50.00 candidacy fee will be charged to your Bursar's Account when you begin the official senior degree check process. There is a $50 late if you miss the semester's deadline to file. You can find this via the UA Registration Dates & Deadlines Calendar.


If you are a Psychology minor and you need an advisor to sign off on your degree check, you may not need to come in. We recommend emailing your advisor with your first and last name and student ID number. We may be able to make the necessary adjustments on your Academic Advising Report and save you a trip!

To be determined: A-F, Emails can be sent here: MBB-psycinfo [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu

kerib [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu (subject: Advising%20Question) (Keri Bishop)

: G-M

shelleyb [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu (subject: Advising%20Question) (Shelley Gill)

: N-Z

If you feel that you need to meet with an advisor, please stop by Room 312 in the Psychology Building for our Walk-In Advising hours.