Future Students


If you are interested in attending The University of Arizona as a Psychology major, you must submit application materials to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Requirements for admission can be found at their website. You can apply online or request for application materials to be sent to you. When filling out the application for admission, indicate that you would like to be a Psychology major. By filling out this application, you are applying for admission to The University of Arizona, the Honors College, and scholarships. In order to be considered for the Honors College and scholarships, SAT or ACT scores must be submitted with the application. Please see the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website for more information or contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office directly at (520) 621-3237.

Once you are admitted to The University of Arizona as a Psychology major, you must attend New Student Orientation before the beginning of the semester. At orientation you will learn more about the Psychology major and Department. The Psychology Advisors will also help you to register for your classes. Please come to orientation prepared by bringing unofficial documentation of any dual-enrollment, AP, IB, and / or CLEP credit and a pen. For more information on New Student Orientation, please see the New Student Orientation website.

If you need financial assistance, you can apply for financial aid by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. All information regarding this application and financial aid can be found at the Office of Student Financial Aid website.

Students who are accepted into the Honors College have the opportunity to graduate with honors. Please visit the Psychology Honors Program webpage and the Honors College website for more information.

Curriculum requirements vary for all Psychology majors; they are dependent upon each student's catalog year and whether they are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. Your catalog year is the year that you begin college in the state of Arizona. You can find information about the curriculum requirements for all majors by looking at the Academic Program Requirement Reports (APRR) on the general UA catalog web page.

The Psychology Department offers a variety of ways for students to become involved with faculty research in different aspects of psychology. You can work in faculty members' research labs and earn independent study credit which can be used toward your Psychology major. You can also seek internship or practicum credit by working with an agency in the community. Please see the Engagement web page for more information.