COZI Study

Study Description:

COZI partly represents Comparison Of Zolpidem/Trazadone in Insomnia, and is a national research study to find out which insomnia treatment is best: behavioral therapy, medication, or both. In this study, the research team is comparing three ways to treat insomnia among people living in rural areas:

  • Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, or internet CBT-I. This approach helps people learn healthy sleep habits and change behaviors that make insomnia worse. Internet CBT-I also teaches people how to deal with thoughts that keep them awake.
  • Medicine for insomnia. People receiving medicine are prescribed zolpidem or trazodone based on their preference. Doctors guide decisions about the medicine, such as how much to take and when to stop taking it.
  • Internet CBT-I plus medicine.

Another brief overview of this study is available on this COZI flyer.

Full details of this study, the researchers, board approval and funding, and more can be found at the COZI website.



The research team is enrolling 1,200 people with insomnia from rural clinics across the United States. The team is assigning people by chance to receive internet CBT-I, medicine, or both. The internet CBT-I program lasts six weeks.

The research team is measuring people’s insomnia symptoms at the start of the study and again 9 weeks, 6 months, and 12 months later. After the program ends, the team is comparing symptoms of insomnia across the three groups.


Participant Eligibility:

To participate in this study, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Adults 18-80
  • Living in rural areas
  • Have regular internet access
  • Have spoken to your doctor about signs and symptoms of insomnia:
    • Difficulty falling and/or staying asleep
    • Waking up too early
    • Dissatisfied with current sleep pattern
    • Sleep problems that are noticeable to others and/or interfering with daily functioning



Yes, available.



If you would like to participate in this study, the researchers ask that you please fill out this Interest Form.


Updated: 07/07/22