Community Connections

Our faculty are often invited to give talks and presentations in the community. Contact our Development Coordinator, Dale Schoonover if your organization or event is interested hearing more about their work. 

Visit our Events page to learn more about connecting with UA Psychology, and our Behavioral Health Clinic page for services available to the public. 

Faculty research areas and talk topics:

John Allen, PhD
Psychophysiology and Mood Disorders (i.e Anxiety & Depression)

  • No Lie! Caveats and Cautions in the use of Polygraphy

Connie Beck, PhD
Intimate Partner Violence, Divorce Mediation

  • Family Mediation with Parents Reporting High Levels of Intimate Partner Violence
  • High conflict divorces and domestic violence: Interventions aimed at preventing/limiting the harmful effects.        
  • Partnering with Juvenile Court: Identifying Predictive Factors in Reactivated Child Dependency Cases. 

Judith Becker, PhD  
Juvenile Court on Juvenile Sex Offenders

Anne Bowen, PhD   
New ways to manage difficult thoughts and feelings so you can live a valued life.

  • Living a Valued Life.
  • Psychological Flexibility
  • Doing What Matters in Stressful Environments.

Jamie Edgin, PhD   
Sleep and memory in typical and atypical development

  • Is sleep the beloved teacher?: Sleep in children with developmental disorders
  • We may sleep to speak: Sleep disturbance in children with Down syndrome
  • Sleep disturbance in autism spectrum disorder 

LouAnn Gerken, PhD   
The development of language.

  • Why Babies are Smarter than You Are
  • The Making of a Mind
  • Language and the Mind

Rebecca Gomez, PhD   
The importance of sleep for children's learning.

  • Sleep on it! How sleep supports language learning, memory & brain development in infants and young children.

Matt Grilli, PhD   
Memory and Aging, Memory and Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Memory: How does it change with age, why, and what can be done about it?

Erika Lawrence, PhD   
Reducing domestic violence,
Treatments and etiology

  • "I didn't marry YOU because we fight well”
  • If it IS broke why not fix it? A new treatment for domestic violence

Mary Frances O'Connor, PhD  
Grief, Complicated Grief,
Resilience and Grief

  • Our Health, Our Thoughts and Our Feelings:  How Can We Best Adapt Resiliently During Grief?           
  • Continuing education on Complicated Grief: Diagnosis and Treatment            

Lee Ryan, PhD  
Successful Aging: Heart Health, brain health, and risk for Alzheimer's disease

  • Good for the Heart, Good for the Brain
  • Neuroimaging studies of successful aging 

John Ruiz, PhD   
Latino Health, Health disparities

  • From Voodoo Death to Vigilance: The evolution of research on stress and heart disease    
  • Does Whom You Marry Matter for Your Health?

Jeff Stone, PhD   
Implicit Bias in Health Care, Business, Education

  • Addressing Implicit Bias in Patient Care
  • Implicit bias in the academy:  Causes, consequences, and solutions
  • The role of unconscious thought in everyday behavior

Daniel Sullivan, PhD   
Psychology and film, or religion and the experience of hardship/suffering

  • The psychology of culture and suffering
  • Politics, psychology, and morality
  • The psychology of Herzog’s Grizzly Man