Family-Friendly Resources

College of Science Commitment to Building Family-Friendly Workplaces

Supporting employees by finding ways to balance work with personal and family commitments benefits the College of Science in many ways. These efforts increase effectiveness, help retain highly qualified employees, and build a positive workplace environment. The College of Science is committed to providing workplace flexibility for employees while maintaining high standards of performance, as well as, to whatever extent possible, an employee’s income. In addition, we are committed to implementing family-friendly practices and ensuring that information regarding employee resources is shared broadly and regularly.  Information on resources for managing work/life responsibilities, as well as a guide to flexible work arrangements can be found at

Flexible Work Arrangements. Flexible work arrangements support the College of Science’s goals by fostering a positive environment and improving employee performance through enhanced work/life integration.  For example, an employee may benefit from a flexible work arrangement due to family or personal responsibilities outside of the workplace. Conflicts between work and personal/family situations can cause stress, reduce productivity, and increase employee turnover. As such, it is in everyone’s best interest to consider flexible work arrangements whenever possible to support valued colleagues. 

University of Arizona Resources for Individuals and Families

Information and resources for balancing work and life responsibilities can be found on three websites:  Life & Work Connections, Human Resources, and the Disability Resources Center.  Links to each site and the specific topics can be found on the drop-downs below or in this word document.