Karey O'Hara

Real name: 
PhD Graduate Student

M.S. Forensic Psychology  University of North Dakota 2011   B.A. Psychology – Minor: Family Studies & Human Development  University of Arizona 2008  

My name is Karey O'Hara and I am a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Arizona. Broadly, I am interested in designing, testing and implementing psychological interventions for children and adolescents with adverse early life experiences.My dissertation work is focused on testing an online, CBT-based, preventative intervention program for youth experiencing high conflict parental divorce/separation. Concurrently, I am working on a study in which we are adapting an ACT-based group intervention, originally developed for adult family violence perpetrators, for youth involved in the juvenile justice system. This work involves qualitative interviews with youth, parents and professional experts, compilation of an age-appropriate treatment manual and a pilot trial to test feasibility. We plan to continue this work to include an large-scale RCT in the near future. I highly value conducting applied research, in collaboration with community partners, including mental health and legal professionals from family and juvenile court systems. I have also provided clinical services for children, teens and families in university and hospital-based outpatient clinics, a community crisis center and juvenile detention.    

Selected Publications: 

Davidson, R., O'Hara, K., & Beck, C. (2014). Psychological and biological processes in children associated with high conflict parental divorce. Juvenile and Family Court Journal, 65(1), 29-44. Link

Beck, C., Anderson, E., O'Hara, K., & Benjamin, G. (2013). Patterns of intimate partner violence in a large, epidemiological sample of divorcing couples. Journal of Family Psychology, 27(5), 743-753. Link

O'Hara Brewster, K., Beck, C., Anderson, E., & Benjamin, G. (2011). Evaluating parenting coordination programs: Encouraging results from pilot testing a research methodology. Journal of Child Custody, 8, 247-267. Link

Beck, C., Menke, J., O'Hara Brewster, K., & Figueredo, A. (2009). Validation of a measure of intimate partner abuse with couples participating in divorce mediation. Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, 50(5), 295-308. Link

Courses Taught: 

Psyc 230 - Measurement and Statistics Psyc 379 - Psychology of Divorce  

PhD Dissertation Title: 
An Online Preventative Intervention for Youth Exposed to High-Conflict Parental Divorce/Separation
Research Program: