Tucson Internships

Current and developing internship opportunities fall into the following categories:

Youth Mentoring Programs

Community Counseling Services

Healthcare Services

Legal/Court System Services


We are currently seeking internship opportunities for our students in the business sector. If you have leads to specific businesses interested in offering internships, please contact Dr. Stephen Cowen (scowen@email.arizona.edu).


We are currently seeking to grow our internship opportunites for our students in the Education sector. If you have leads to specific agencies, schools, or other pertinent organizations, please contact Dr. Stephen Cowen (scowen@email.arizona.edu). 

Faith Based Services


To get Academic Credit
In order to get academic credit for an internship, you must submit the Internship Proposal form and have it approved. The Arizona Board of Regents mandates that each student wanting to earn internship credit, must work 45 hours per unit earned. Therefore, a student wanting to earn 3 units of credit, would work for 135 hours (45 hours x 3 units) throughout the semester (meaning from the first official day of classes through the last official day of classes, before dead day). If you have any questions, you can contact Liz Sandoval, the department internship coordinator at esandmar@email.arizona.edu