Frequent 'I-Talk' May Signal Proneness to Emotional Distress

Your friends who can't stop talking about themselves may be telling you more than you think.

Research at other institutions has suggested that I-talk, though not an indicator of narcissism, may be a marker for depression. While the new study confirms that link, UA researchers found an even greater connection between high levels of I-talk and a psychological disposition of negative emotionality in general.

Published Date: 
03/07/2018 - 13:21

UA online rankings continue to improve

Since the launch of the UA online program in 2015, the program has continued to improve in rankings - recently landing in the top 15% of online undergraduate programs according to U.S. News & World Report and peer universities. Read the full article from the University of Arizona here. UA online has offered a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology since Fall 2016 and is now the largest defined online major on campus behind general studies.

Published Date: 
02/16/2018 - 15:39

Virtual-reality support group a new way to deal with grief

By Mary-Frances O’Connor, Lindsey Knowles and Eva-Maria Stelzer Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Over 8 million Americans experience the death of a loved one each year. Nearly half of American women older than 65 are widowed, in addition to one in six American men of the same age.

The Grief, Loss, And Social Stress (GLASS) Laboratory at the University of Arizona is dedicated to examining psychological and physiological aspects of grief and other forms of profound life stress.

Published Date: 
01/21/2018 (All day)

Future Accreditation Plans

January 2017 

University of Arizona Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology 

A Note on Future Accreditation Plans 

“... the overarching goals of the accreditation of clinical psychology graduate programs should be to ensure that programs produce psychologists who (a) have the knowledge and skills necessary to reduce the burden of mental illness and improve public health and (b) act in ethical and compassionate ways that help and do not harm vulnerable and diverse populations” (Levenson, 2017, pg. 4). 

Research Committee Grant Feedback Form

The committee will invite up to 2 readers to comment on your grant. These readers are not anonymous and should preferably be faculty in the Psychology Department, faculty in other UA departments or individuals well known to you.
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UA Researchers Look at Mental Impairment After Heart Surgery

Doctors are beginning to understand a connection between heart surgery and mental impairment some patients experience upon leaving the operating room.

During recovery, some heart bypass patients say they're unable to concentrate on tasks, others report a rash of poor decision-making and some complain of general mental fatigue.

Two University of Arizona researchers are looking at the issue from two directions: coronary medicine and neurology.

Published Date: 
10/12/2017 - 16:24


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