Graduate Program

Financial Aid

The psychology department does not offer general financial aid.  However, once a student is admitted to the psychology graduate program, they are automatically funded as either a Research Assistant or a Teaching Assistant, or are funded on a Fellowship.  Departmental support is normally available for up to five years.  Assistantships come with a stipend, a full waiver of tuition (both in-state and out-of-state) as well as individual health insurance through Campus Health Services.  Students are responsible for paying the remaining miscellaneous fees.

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Graduate Program FAQ


  • Can I send you my application materials in advance for your review?

Because of the number of applications submitted to the department, we cannot review your application prior to the deadline for submission. If you have specific questions regarding your application that are not answered on the website, you can contact the Graduate Coordinator at

  • Can I fill out the application on-line?

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Advice to Applicants

1. Start early

PhD-level study is very different from undergraduate study in that you focus on a more narrow set of interests and work more closely with a faculty advisor. Successful graduate school applicants need to identify (1) specific interests, (2) a program that will support those interests, and (3) a potential advisor(s) within the program. This process can take several months.

2. Naming an area of study

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Graduate Program

The Department of Psychology accepts applications for admissions to graduate study for only the fall term each year. The application becomes available every October through the Graduate College website. The application deadline for all applicants is December 1st.

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Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology Track & Minor

The purpose of the EEP track and minor is to train students in the integration of the biological, behavioral, and social sciences through the unifying principles of evolutionary theory. This integration is being actively fostered by the emergence of an Evolutionary Psychology built upon and consistent with the principles of evolutionary biology. In Evolutionary Psychology, the individual is viewed as having both a cultural and an evolutionary history. Through the shaping force of Natural Selection, the mind has evolved sophisticated behaviorally-related learning devices for solving adaptive

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The Social Psychology Ph.D. program is designed as a five-year doctoral program (with instructional language in English) to prepare students for scholarly careers in academic and other research settings. It is a research-intensive doctoral program with the goal of training the next generation of social scientists. Formal course requirements are minimized and collaborative research with one or more faculty is emphasized.

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