Graduate Programs in Psychology


Clinical Neuropsychology
Couple and family psychology
Forensic psychology
Health psychology
Intervention research
Mental health evaluation and policy

Cognition and Neural Systems (CNS)

Biology of Language
Cognitive Aging
Computational Neuroscience
First and Second Language Acquisition
Infant Learning and Memory
Memory and Learning
Neuroimaging and Psychophysiology
Sleep and Cognition
Visual Perception and Attention 

Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology (EEP)

Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology (EEP)
Evolutionary Psychology of Life History Strategy and Social Deviance
Evolutionary Neuroscience and Comparative Cognition
Behavioral Ecology, Socioecology, and Quantitative Ethology


Attitudes and Persuasion
Cultural Psychology
Personality expression
Racial and ethnic identity
Self-concept and self-esteem
Social psychology of health
Stereotyping and prejudice
Terror Management Theory (TMT)

Our graduate Ph.D. program provides concentrations of study in four distinct (although interacting) program areas: Clinical Psychology; Cognition and Neural Systems (CNS); Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology (EEP); and Social Psychology. In addition, we offer sub-programs of specialization: Program Evaluation and Research Methods (PERM) and Forensic Psychology.

These graduate programs and specialization vary in specific contents and research methods, but all share basic goals that are compatible with our philosophy of training and the mission of our University as a Research I institution.

Although the Psychology Department does not offer a specialization in Developmental Psychology, we have several faculty members who conduct research with children and can mentor students in the developmental area, including Drs. LouAnn Gerken, Rebecca Gomez, and Jamie Edgin.  We also cooperate with the Law College on a joint Ph.D. & J.D. Program.  Students interested in this program should apply to both the Law College and to one of the four program areas in psychology.

Accelerated Master's Program

The Psychology Accelerated Master’s Program has been put on hold and is not available at this time.  There will be no applications accepted.  It is uncertain at this time when this program will resume.

The AMP was designed for students to gain additional research training and experience to make them competitive for research-oriented PhD programs, medical schools, or other careers where research experience is critical.

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