Neuroscience of Psychotherapy Conference September 2017

Sponsored by the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry

How does psychotherapy bring about change in mental health?  Clarity about the core mechanisms that explain how enduring change occurs can be of great benefit to researchers and clinicians. While every practitioner develops particular techniques and theories that are often effective, these may not work or may not apply to a given patient. 

This conference will focus on the core mechanisms of change that apply to all major modalities of therapy as described in a recent paper in a leading neuroscience journal. By better understanding how therapy works, clinicians will be able to take a fresh look at how they do therapy and potentially make changes to more effectively help patients to change. Emphasis will be placed on linking basic science to clinical application and examining the implications for clinical practice of this new model of enduring change.

Conference Program

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Friday, September 15 : Basic Science

Saturday, September 16 : Applications to Psychotherapy

  • Les Greenberg, PhD, York University: Emotion Process in Psychotherapeutic Change
  • Edna B. Foa, PhD, University of Pennsylvania: Emotional Processing Therapy for Anxiety Related Disorders:
    The Case of PTSD
  • Michelle G. Craske, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles: Optimizing extinction learning for treating fear and anxiety
  • Hanna Levenson, PhD, Wright Institute, Berkeley: Viewing Psychodynamic Theory and Practice Through the Lens
    of Memory Reconsolidation
  • Rhonda Goldman, PhD, Illinois School of Professional Psychology: Moving toward an integrative approach to emotional change:
    how recent neuroscientific developments have influenced the
    field of psychotherapy
  • Richard D. Lane, MD, PhD, University of Arizona: Promoting Therapeutic Integration Through Conceptual
    Refinements Derived from Computational Neuroscience

Thank you to our speakers and everyone who attended!

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